Top 10 Best Down Comforters with Buying Guidelines for 2017

The role of a good comforter to ensure a peaceful soothing sleep is undeniable. But choosing a truly worthy comforter that can offer you the ultimate sleeping experience is not such an easy task so as to say.

In order to make the task a bit easier we have carefully examined a lot of comforters and shortlisted 10 quality products out of the clutter. And we are highly confident about our recommendations. But you must know some basics first of all.


While buying a good comforter you must keep these things in mind:

Before buying electric blankets, you have to keep in mind the few factors that determine its quality. These factors are

  • Determine the fabric type: Different kinds of fabric are available at present and it is all about your choice.
  • Know your bed size: Generally there are two types of bed in terms of size namely king and queen. However there could be more variants as well. So you better measure properly to be able to purchase a comforter which rightly matches your bed size.
  • Check the fill power: More the feel power greater the warmth. 600 FP is more or less a standard fill power. Go above that if you belong to the cold sleeper’s group and go down if you are one of the warm sleepers.
  • Consider the predominant room temperature: Based on this factor you will decide both the filling material and the warmth level of your comforter.

Now that you already leant the fundamentals it will be more convenient and fruitful as you will go through our list of 10 best down comforters that are available at present. You can always cross check the above mentioned factors with respect to the given products for a better evaluation of each one.

You can always cross check the above mentioned factors with respect to the given products for a better evaluation of each one.

1. The Egyptian Bedding Goose Down Comforter:  It is another high class goose down Comforter from the house of The Egyptian Bedding which is also one of the top sellers across different online stores. It is totally stuffed with pure goose down and weighs just 50 ounces.


Moreover its outer cover which is made of Egyptian cotton has an enhanced thread count of 1200 TC and that gives it an extra mileage in terms of both quality and comfort.

The product being hypoallergenic you don’t have to worry even if you are susiptible to allergies. Therefore the all down comforter along with its quality cover offers you a sumptuous sleeping experience every night.

The 14 inches baffle boxes keeps the down in their place in an effective manner and prevent them from clumping. Besides the queen model the other available size variants are king, California king and twin.

The product is made in China and comes with a full money back guarantee if it fails to match your level of satisfaction.

2. Royal Hotel Bedding Goose Down Comforter: This great product from Royal Hotel is indisputably one of the best down comforter available in the market. It is manufactured in China using 90% white down combined with 10% small sized white feather down.


It is highly efficient in terms of fill power with 750 FP and it only weighs 50 ounces. That means you get a very light and comfortable sleeping experience. The gussets provide a nice support to the baffles mixed with the down.

The queen comforter comes with a size of 90*90 inches however the product is also available in standard, king, twin and twin XL sizes. The product is recommended to dry clean to achieve best results and machine was is to be avoided to retain its aesthetics and longevity.

It has a high quality covering made of 100% pure cotton. It is also hypoallergenic. Moreover the cotton has a high tread count of 500. The company offers free gift wrapping if you are to present it to others.

Finally the product comes with a 14 days money back warranty in case you are not satisfied with the comforter.

3. The Pacific Coast European Down Comforter: This another top rated goose down comforter manufactured by The Pacific Coast.


It is made of a unique type of down named Hyperclean Pyrenees which is patented by the Pacific Coast. And it is said to have the ability to offer you the feeling of lying on the clouds as it were.

Be it whatever the down is indeed rare and sourced from the mountain regions of Pyrenees in France. The comforter has 90% of white down mixed with 10% small white feather down. The unique design of the baffle box with Comfort Lock gussets ensures that the down never balls up inside.

With a 650 of fill power and 34 ounces of weight it is sure to offer you a nice and comfortable sleep every time. A dry clean is recommended for the product however it needs not be cleaned more than once in three to four years. The product is made in the USA and comes with a

The product is made in the USA and comes with a 10 year limited warranty.

4. C&W Goose Down Comforter: The C&W Company has a reputation for providing high quality bedding accessories to various world class hotels in the world and its comforter is an example of such high class products.


The luxurious comforter is endowed with a 600 fill power and is 65 ounces in weight.  The covering is made of a fine blend of polyester and cotton and is given a mocha color with a view to match a well decorated bed room. Being hypoallergenic and antibacterial it keeps away dust, mites and various bacteria. It is fed with 50% pure white goose down procured from France and 50% small down feathers.

Being hypoallergenic and antibacterial it keeps away dust, mites and various bacteria. It is fed with 50% pure white goose down procured from France and 50% small down feathers.

The king size measures 104*90 inches and you will also get the queen version measuring 90*90 inches. Doubly stitched edges keep the inner material in a secured way for years to come. Always dry clean the product if you are to keep up its beauty and functionality for a longer timeframe.

Inside the box pack the comforter is kept compressed with vacuum sealed for secured shipping. So after unboxing allow few hours for it to regain its original size. This product is also manufactured in China.

5. DreamTek Equinox Duck Down Comforter (model 5945795): This versatile comforter from DreamTek offers a very interesting feature called Smart Snap System. And what is so smart about it is that you can use it as a single comforter during summer days.


And in winter you can add up (or snap as they call it) another identical comforter with it as an additional layer which makes it thicker and wormer and best suited for the chilly wintry nights.

Moreover if your partner wishes to use the double layer and you the single one arrangement can also be made accordingly. This is no doubt a very creative concept so far as the design of a comforter is concerned.

Down from the Euro white duck is utilized as the feeling material which is quite lightweight and makes the king size product weigh only 17 pounds. The covering is created with pure cambric cotton having 300 thread counts offering you a soft satin feel.

The 11 inches fluffed up baffles offers you the requisite comfort along with a nice aesthetics.

6. Cuddledown Duck Down Comforter: This could also be one of the best options for an intended customer of a down comforter. In fact Consumers Digest a highly reputed magazine in USA has chosen it as the “Best Buy Comforter.”


This nice product from Cuddledown is filled up with high quality European duck down attained from the hilly regions of Pyrenees Mountains. With high class down and 600 of fill power the comforter offers you a quality sleep all through the night. Moreover being hypoallergenic there is no worrying about dust or mites.

100% cotton cambric is used as the material for the cover and it has a tread count of 233 to give you a nice soothing feel. The nicely designed baffled boxes help the inner filing stay properly at their own place. Moreover the reinforced ridges and piping at the edges are sure to attract your attention.

The product is Oeko-Tex certified which guarantees no use of unsafe or harmful chemicals. This queen size comforter is available at 88*92 inches in measurement.

7. Eddie Bauer Goose Down Comforter: This product is great for those looking for an oversized comforter. Measuring 108*98 inches it is certainly one of the largest comforters available in the market.


It has a lush 700 fill power to give you a soothing and comfortable sleep throughout the night.

The comforter is truly hypoallergenic and comes with a Rest Assured certification. The all white cotton cover features a 350 thread count and having soft stripes all over. Despite being oversized it is lightweight and weighs 30 ounces.

The well constructed baffle boxes provide you with extra softness and retain the inner fillings in a protective way.

You can wash and dry it in machine but dry cleaning will be more beneficial for its beauty and prolonged durability. The comforter is assembled in the USA from imported materials.

You will be offered a limited 1 year warranty with the product.  Gift wrapping is also available for presenting the comforters to family and friends.

Gift wrapping is also available for presenting the comforters to family and friends.

8. Snowman Goose Down Comforter: This lightweight comforter created by Snowman is a highly efficient product with respect to warmth and comfort.


The king size comforter measures 106*90 inches which is large enough for all purpose uses. It contains authentic goose down as filling material and offers a stunning 800 fill power.

The product has got three layers in total which never gives you a poking sensation as experienced in many other comforters. The strongly stitched baffle boxes keep the inner feathers intact while giving you a soft and nice feeling in addition.

Moreover the edges are having box stitches and piping to offer extra protection to the inner goose. Its blue cotton cover is made up of pure Egyptian cotton which is also hypoallergenic at the same time.

If you are not happy with the product you can return it by 30 days to the manufacturer and claim a money-back. This is also a China made product.

9. White Bay Down Comforter: This is also one of the excellent quality down comforters available at present. It is packed with premium quality white down from Europe and having a 650 of fill power.


The comforter is sewn with a reinforced double needle stitch along with 12 inches of well made baffle boxes to forbid the down from shifting from their place.

The cover made of 300 thread count cotton and refined yarns offers exceptional gentleness and comfort. It is also certified by Oeko-Tex which guarantees zero usage of harmful chemical.

As we know most of the down comforters are meant for dry cleaning, but this product can be machine washed with no concern for damage. The comforter is available in a number of different sizes (King, Queen, Twin and full) to match all bed types.

Moreover there are as many as five color variants. Another notable feature of this comforter is that it has 4 different variants based on warmth levels; they are extra warmth, medium, light and super light. And this unique classification really gives an extra edge to its feature lines.

Last but not least White Bay offers a lifetime warranty with this great product.

10. Legends Luxury Geneva Down Comforter: This well made comforter from Legends truly bears many marks of a high quality product.


As for the inner material it uses finest quality down sourced from Hungarian white goose which is certified by Responsible Down Standard or RDS and it has a 650 fill power.

The soft and generous 15 inches baffle boxes not only hold the down properly in their place but also offer a squashy feeling to the users. The cover is manufactured with pure cotton having 400 tread counts which makes it considerably soft and comfortable.

The comforter has multiple corner loops to be attached to the ties fixed in the duvet cover. The product is recommended to be dry-cleaned.  You will also get a beautiful cotton made storage bag along with the product.


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