7 Tips And Habits To Have A Healthy Sleep

Having healthy sleep sounds unimaginative when you awake at 2 am. But a healthy sleep is easy to get as much you think. You will see a difference in your life when you start taking a healthy sleep. Sleep hygiene is a term used to refer healthy sleep. Researchers have discovered many ways of attaining sleep hygiene i.e. to increase the number of sleep hours for those suffering from insomnia, jet work etc.

First of all, think of all those factors that are interrupting your sleep, may it be any personal health issue or any sort of tension regarding family and work responsibilities. Try to control such factors but if you are not able to come up with a try, follow these essential steps to get a healthy sleep.

Make Sleep Schedule


7-8 hours of sleep is recommended best for a healthy adult. For that, set your eight hours of sleep aside. Try to fall asleep within 20 minutes once you have laid down the bed. If not go out and relax by listening music or doing anything of your choice. Come back and you will attain a good sleep.

Eating and Drinking Habits

Pay heed to what you eat or drink. Don’t go to bed either hungry or by taking heavy meals right before your sleep time. It may cause discomfort while sleeping. Even drugs like nicotine, alcohol, caffeine may also prove out to be a threat to your healthy sleep.

Healthy Bedroom Environment

A cool, dark, quiet environment should be created in your bedroom to achieve a good sleep. For that, you need to use sound absorbing materials like heavy curtains etc. Use an eye mask to block the light. The room should be tidy and well ventilated.

Make a Pre-Sleep Routine

Make a healthy pre-sleep routine like taking bath, reading books, watching television or doing some sort of soothing exercises. Avoid taking stress before sleep as it may release a stress hormone called cortisol which is responsible to increase alertness and affect your sleep.

Sleep When Tired

Go to bed when you are really tired. If you don’t fall asleep within a few minutes after lying on the bed, go out do some activities, get tired and then sleep.

Avoid Afternoon Naps

If you are facing problems in getting a power nap at night, avoid taking short naps during the day, especially in afternoon.

Comfortable Beddings

Make sure that you have comfortable mattress and pillows to sleep. A good quality pillow is expected to work for 9-10 years. A good set of beddings not only help you achieve your good sleep but also makes the room look attractive.

Sleep is an essential element to include in our daily regime. To stay healthy you need to follow sleep hygiene. The above- mentioned steps can prove out to be helpful in attaining adequate sleep which will help you in achieving good health and a better quality life. And still, if the problem persists then you need to consult the doctor. A doctor may help you identify your problem and find out ways to achieve the best sleep you deserve.


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